Welcome to "Maza Kapa" also know as Dunense Leather in Koknese, Latvia.

Koknese is a Hanseatic League city that long ago had already established itself as a district of trade.Head of the Crafts Center and artistic leather craftsmen is Inese Kapina who has worked with leather ware for over thirty years.

Continuing the early traditions of artisan ship and wanting to pass on the knowledge-the work,recreation and training center "Maza Kapa" was created.

The crafts center and guest house is located at the river Perse,a few minutes walk from the center of Koknese.It offers seminars,exhibitions and has a banquet hall,fireplace,sauna and comfortable and stylishly furnished bedrooms,suitable for people with special needs.Also a spacious parking lot for buses.

The Crafts Center manufactures natural leather gifts,accessories and bags.As well as offers tours and activities for children,newlyweds and their guests,and even hosts training classes for those who are interested in leather work.